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Learn to Skate with ISI

The Ice Sports Industry (ISI) Recreational Skating Program is fun and rewarding:
  • After mastering the basics you can advance to higher figure skating levels and even join a synchronized skating team
  • Classes are offered October through March for all ages
  • Offers opportunities to participate each year in at least five National/International ISI competitions
  • Provides ice skating programs and attainable testing levels for skaters of all ages and abilities
  • Provides opportunities for skaters to participate in exhibitions, shows, and in local and district competitions
  • Teaches skating maneuvers that can be easily mastered for measurable results

ISI Test Classes

Very young children require special classes with instruction given in a fun - rather than a more formal - atmosphere.

Class Levels

  1. Beginners
  2. Figure Skating Levels
  3. Figure Skating Test Levels

Teddy Bear Class (Age 1-4 years)

Parents work with their child to help develop the skills of crawling, standing, walking, jumping, hopping, turning and gliding on the ice.

Tot 1-4 (Age 1-4 years)

Test maneuvers are broken down into smaller parts so that beginners can easily learn and master the skills.

Tot 1 (Age 3-5 years)

Instruction includes standing on ice, falling/getting up properly, marching in place, marching while moving, two foot jump in place, forward swizzle, standing still and moving swizzle.

Tot 2 (Age 3-5 years)

Instruction includes preparation for beginning stroke, snowplow stops, teapot glide, forward and backward swizzles, backward wiggle, right/left foot T-position and push.

Tot 3/4 (Ages 3-5 years)

Skaters will refine the skill of skating on one foot, stopping and beginning crossovers.

Pre-Alpha to Delta (all ages)

Beginner level step-by-step progression of skills makes learning fun and fast! It's important to master these skating "basics" before moving on to higher levels of achievement.

Wells Ice Rink Skaters

The Herbert Wells Ice Rink skaters compete and have earned recognition in local, district and National ISI competitions.

Congratulations to Herbert Wells Ice Rink skaters for competing and earning recognition in local and district competitions.

A group shot of ice skaters wearing skates on the ice of an indoor rink