Project Team

The Community Planning Division will lead a collaborative effort to develop an Architectural Conservation Plan and Architectural Conservation Overlay Zone for the City of Mount Rainier. The Prince George's County Planning Department's Community Planning Division is responsible for preparing area master plans, sectional map amendments, community plans, and special studies that provide guidance for future development and redevelopment in the county. Community planners work with residents and stakeholders to identify priorities for communities, create long-range plans, and identify implementation strategies.

Manager Responsibilities

The project manager will be responsible for providing day-to-day management of all project activities, logistics, and management of the project team. Our project team will receive support and information from various divisions and sections within the Planning Department, including: In addition, a successful planning process relies on strong partnerships and clear communication between residents, elected officials, and planning staff. Therefore, considerable community outreach will be performed to ensure meaningful public participation and engagement in this project.