Project Description

The TDDP Update will be a collaborative planning effort with the City of Hyattsville, with significant input from the Town of University Park. It will involve a comprehensive public participation and outreach process engaging surrounding neighborhoods, property owners, county agencies, and other key stakeholders to identify major concerns, outstanding issues, and priorities related to the (re)development and revitalization of the transit district.

The TDDP Update will build on existing planning projects, including the 2002 General Plan and preliminary Plan Prince George's 2035, the 2003 City of Hyattsville Community Legacy Revitalization Plan (PDF), and the 2011-2015 City of Hyattsville Community Sustainability Plan (PDF).

Project Purpose

The TDDP Update will:
  • Ensure appropriate zoning to implement TDDP recommendations
  • Establish a comprehensive and realistic development approach
  • Make land use and urban design recommendations that are designed to promote transit-oriented development (TOD)
  • Provide for a robust multimodal transportation network building upon existing transit, trail, and roadway assets

Personnel Duties

The project team and consultants will:
  • Conduct a market analysis of the project and trade area
  • Develop an economic development and implementation strategy
  • Identify policies and design recommendations to guide future (re)development and investments within the TDOZ
  • Prepare a multimodal transportation analysis

Project Boundary

The boundaries of the 1998 TDDP/TDOZ Map (PDF) are shown here. As part of project initiation on March 25, 2014, the Prince George's County District Council amended the project boundaries (PDF) of the Prince George's Plaza TDDP/TDOZ Update.