Project Schedule

On June 2, 2015, the District Council approved a 6-month extension of the deadline for preparation of the Preliminary Prince George's Plaza Transit District Development Plan (TDDP) and Proposed Transit District Overlay Zoning Map Amendment (TDOZMA). The Planning Board had authorized project staff to request the extension on May 7, 2015. The extension will enable staff to resolve issues around the recommended transformation of East West Highway (MD 410) into a Complete Street and the development of strategies to seek a regional solution to the management of stormwater runoff from the Prince George's Plaza Transit District into Wells Run and Lower Northeast Branch.
Project Milestone
Tentative Schedule
Planning Board Initiation
March 6, 2014
District Council Authorization
March 25, 2014
Prepare Transit District Development Plan and Associated Zoning and Design Standards
March 2014 Through Early Summer 2015
- Community, Property/Business Owner, and Agency Outreach
March 2014 Through Spring 2015
- Design Workshop/Charrette (Development of Plan Vision and Concepts)
September 17 Through 20, 2014
- Community Meeting on Preferred Development Concept Plan
October 14, 2014
- Draft Plan and Zoning Recommendations and Design Standards
November 2014 Through Spring 2015
- Community Open House
April 28, 2015
Planning Board Approves the Release of the Preliminary Plan for Public Review
September 10, 2015
Planning Board Public Hearing
October 22, 2015
Planning Board Work Session
November 19, 2015
Planning Board Adoption
December 13, 2015
District Council Approval or Amendments Leading to Second Public Hearing
Winter 2016